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2. How was the process using Pulte Mortgage? I have a co-worker who built a Centex home, he said at that time (2014) Pulte Mortgage was going as far to see how long you maintained whatever your score is. Example if you have a 720 how long you had a 720. Is that normal? I thought they were concerned with payment history.

 · Founded Pulte Homes in 1950; expanded, went public 19 years later. Company focuses on single-family detached houses, condos, townhomes. Also retirement communities. With aging baby boomers looking.

Mortgage Payment - Long Hand For this reason, it’s imperative to understand how much the penalty is as well as when and under what circumstances you’d have to pay it. Only then can you make an informed decision regarding whether or not a mortgage with a prepayment penalty is really worth it. What Is a Mortgage Prepayment Penalty?

Pulte Mortgage LLC, owned by Pulte Homes, Inc. whose parent is PulteGroup, Inc.(NYSE: PHM ), is the mortgage lender for nations second largest builder of new homes. Pulte Mortgage Review. In 2009, Pulte Mortgage had just over $2.4 billion worth of loans on almost 11,500 application of which 90% were, not surprisingly, purchase mortgages.

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Loan Questionnaire Questionnaireuestionnair eQuestionnaireQuestionn aire Page 6 of 7 V8.0 07/18 Credit Authorization Borrower(s) hereby authorize Pulte Mortgage, or a third party authorized by Pulte Mortgage, to obtain information in connection with the mortgage loan questionnaire. This information includes, but is not limited to, the following: 1.

The Orlemans will make a $6,000 down payment on their new house, and they will need a mortgage for $72,000. When they sought financing, the builder, Pulte Home Corp., offered an ARM with an initial.

Pulte Mortgage – Mortgage Payment and Customer Service Number – Pulte Mortgage, a wholly owned subsidiary of PulteGroup, Inc., has offered lending services to over 400,000 customers. The company’s home office is located in Englewood, Colorado and it has been operating since 1972..

Pulte Mortgage Review. Pulte Mortgage was founded in 1972 and is based in Englewood, CO. Learn more about Pulte Mortgage and its products by browsing the services it offers. You can also read our community reviews and hear what others have to say about their experience with Pulte Mortgage.

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